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International Festival of Folklore "Baltica ‘99"

Outstanding success of Folk Rose at the International Festival of "Folklore "Baltica ‘99" in Vilnius, Lithuania. Folk Rose obtained a widespread success by the critics and the audience during their participation at the International Festival of Folklore "Baltica ‘99" in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Festival Celtique, Aosta, 1999

...The Italian band Folk Rose has proposed dances and ballads with original instruments, mixing with talent the ancient and the new.
The audience danced all the night. (L’Eco della Stampa).

Theatre of St. Médard en Jalles (Bordeaux), 2000

"No Frontier Italian Musicians".
...Folk Rose, the Italian band from Latium, has proposed an original programme, a sort of musical trip from Italy to Ireland, mixing sonorities of different countries: a way for the musicians to obliterate the frontiers.
Paolo Capasso, their director, joined together young talented musicians on the stage of the cultural centre.
Carla Cristofanilli’s voice has the colour of the southern regions of Italy, together with the charm of her interpretation of French tunes. Cristiano Lui captured the audience with his outstanding talent.
Valentina Ottaviani, the youngest of the band, lets the string vibrate with enchantment.
The musicians gave the audience the magic of folk dances and melodies...    (Journal Sud Ouest).

"Italienische Nächte",  Weimar,  2000

Perfumes of Southern Italy came from the music of the Italian friends of Folk Rose.
The band performed their vibrant music at Römischen Haus, despite of the rain...
(Thüringer Landeszeitung)

Concert at "Sa Nostra", Palma de Mallorca, 2001

FOLK ROSE, una nota alegre para la mùsica tradicional.
«Es considerado como uno de los grupos màs importantes de mùsica tradicional y celta en Italia, ha sido invitado por la comunidad irlandesa en varias ocasiones par festejar el Dia de San Patricio, un auténtico orgullo, apuntan...»(Diario de Mallorca)

Spraoi Waterford Festival, 2001

... My favourite band of the Festival was an Italian folk group FOLK ROSE, they reminded me of the Godfather movies...(Munster Express).

22nd Shetland Folk Festival, 2002

“Something sensual swept through the hall when the Italian group Folk Rose started up. They were refreshingly different, seductive and fronted by a bella senorita with a sensational singing voice and a nice pair of maracas. Must see more.” (The Shetland Post)

Sing Out! Magazine, Summer 2003

…"nice arrangements and playing. Acoustic guitar and percussion supply the rhythmic pulse; lead melodies are traded off by accordion, mandolin, and/or violin. Carla Cristofanilli is an outstanding vocalist - passionate and melodic"...